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You need to be good to become even better

Once summer is finally here, you want to make the most of it. We at PrimaTimber help you turn your garden and yard into a place of relaxation and joy. We follow the path created by Iivari Mononen Oy, focusing on reliability and quality in everything we do.

“Customer satisfaction is in the very heart of PrimaTimber. We want to help you with our expertise and long experience in all your building projects. We always aim at the best possible results and want you to remember us as a reliable partner.”- Joni Nousiainen

Iivari Mononen Oy has its roots in the post-war period of the 1950s. This is when Iivari Mononen started his timber business. Iivari was hard-working and well-known for his trustworthiness among the North-Karelian forest owners and customers. Top-quality timber and high business ethics laid the foundation for the company’s success and global partnerships for decades to come.

In 2003 Iivari Mononen Oy took a major step forward and expanded its product portfolio of wooden poles to include impregnated timber products. This was the start of PrimaTimber Oy established in Joensuu, Finland.


PrimaTimber continues in the footsteps of Iivari Mononen and follows his original values. PrimaTimber’s impregnated timber comes from Nordic pines, grown in harsh weather conditions that make the wood remarkably strong. All timber we use is supplied by our reliable, responsible, and long-lasting partners.

Our even quality products are impregnated with the highest professional skill. On a deck built with our timber products, you can safely barbecue, enjoy gardening, and play with kids. You can trust that the deck withstands autumn storms and winter frost for decades.

Customer satisfaction is in the core of our values. In addition to household building projects, we help forest owners and professional builders to succeed. We are a solution oriented, flexible and a dynamic family business, and we keep our promises.

With quality materials, you can reach results that exceed your expectations. PrimaTimber impregnated wood products give you creative freedom. What does the garden of your dreams look like?