Joni Nousiainen appointed as Managing Director of PrimaTimber Oy

Joni Nousiainen has been appointed as Managing Director of PrimaTimber Oy. He will start in his new position on 19 June 2018. Joni Nousiainen will be responsible for the company’s business operations, its comprehensive development and stakeholder co-operation. He is a member of the Iivari Mononen Group Management Board.

”This appointment strengthens PrimaTimber’s growth both in Finland and globally,” tells Ari Mononen, Chairman of the PrimaTimber’s Board of Directors.

The turnover of PrimaTimber Oy was 11.9 MEUR in 2017, being 6.2 % higher than the previous year. The company runs a timber impregnation plant and store house at Joensuu harbor and currently employs seven staff members.

“Long-term development of the business and top-quality daily work continues to be in our focus also in the future. This will be highly visible throughout the company’s chain of operations. What’s best, we can always do things better and better, day after day,” describes Joni Nousiainen his aims in the new position.

Joni Nousiainen has worked in various positions in the Iivari Mononen Group since 2010, most recently as Business Director of PrimaTimber from 2017 onwards.

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