Impregnated pine products

Impregnated pine products last for decades

PrimaTimber pressure treated pine is impregnated to the heart wood, giving the wood excellent protection against rotting. Decks, docks, and other structures last and look great for decades if you maintain them annually. Fore more ideas, read our guide and tips!

  • Wood treated in class AB is suitable for building above the ground. You recognize AB treated wood from this yellow tab.
  • Frame timber suitable for contact with ground or water is impregnated to class A. You recognize it from this white A tab.

A tip for successful deck assembly:
Place treated decking planks with the inner wood upwards, “heart against the weather”, as we say in Finland. This will reduce natural splitting of wood. Remember, however, that wood is a natural material and splitting cannot always be fully avoided.

Frame materials

Sawn planks (mm)


Accurate dimension planks (mm)


Sawn beams (mm)


Gluelam timber (mm)


Decking timber

Planed boards (mm)


Planed planks (mm)


Battens (mm)

21×45 smooth42×42/28 diagonal28×68 parallelogram45×120 railing

Profile options

Boards and planks



42×42/28 diagonal28×68 parallelogram45×120 railing21×45 batten

Sawn timber products

Sawn boards (mm)


Sawn battens (mm)

22×5025×5050×50 triangle

Fencing posts

Sharpened, round 60 mm

Lengths1500 mm18002100

Sharpened, round 80 mm

Lengths1800 mm210024003000

Sharpened, round 100 mm

Lengths3000 mm