Building a wooden planter box

Building a wooden planter box

A self-made planter box made of pressure treated wood is an attractive addition to your garden. Building a planter box is a simple DIY woodworking project that suits a range of skills. To make the project more challenging, alter the measurements or add details to your planter box.

Use the pressure treated wood left over from your deck building project or you can buy the necessary amount of wood from our retailers.

How to build a simple planter box

  1. Box measurements
    Decide what size you want your planter box to be. Measure and cut the wood to length for two side panels and two end panels.
  2. Build the side panels and end panels
    Use an even work surface for a neat finish.
  3. Assemble the panels and add the base
    Attach the side elements and end elements together. Cut planks to length for the base, and attach the base with screws.

Your planter box is ready for colourful flowers!

A set of more accurate instructions for building a wooden planter box can be found from Kestopuu (in Finnish): Tee itse kestopuusta kukkalaatikko (pdf)